F5: Immersive Multimedia


This is the assessment for Form 5, in Multimedia topic.

Task : Scrap Book
Gather examples of immersive multimedia in education, business or entertainment.

Make a scrap book, at least 5 pages, about Immersive Multimedia in Various Field. The scrap book must contain definition, field. images, explanation about image, reference where you get the images, and reference for all information u got.

Format Scrap Book
1. Front Page : Title (Immersive Multimedia), Name, Class
2. Second page : Definition of Immersive Multimedia
3. Third to unknown page : image + explanation + reference
4. Last page : References

You must write on your own, CANNOT print.
Dateline : 1st April 2013

examples of Immersive Multimedia :

immersive multimedia in education:
interactive board

driving test

interactive board

Immersive Multimedia in entertainment:
interactive games

 immersive multimedia in business:

online conference

Ujian Berkala 1 (2013)

Tarikh: 14 Mac 2013
Hari : Khamis
Masa: 1.00 ptg – 2.30 ptg (1 j 30 m)
 Form 4: You will be test on Lesson 1 (Introduction to ICT) to lesson 22 (Computer User)
                      read text book from page 1 - 58

 Form 5: You will be test on Form 4 lessons (all) and Form 5 (Multimedia)
                     read form 4 text book and form 5 text book page 61 - 147