In Memory of Steve Jobs

This week, I am dedicating my column to his memory. Jobs’s personal and unparalleled courage to think and perform outside of the box and his unwillingness to compromise from what he knew to be true led to his success. I can’t help but ask myself who Jobs was behind the scenes. What enabled him to achieve what most of us can only dream of while preserving his identity and vision?

After seven long years of battling pancreatic cancer, Steven Paul Jobs passed away earlier this week. 
While he will be remembered as an innovator, co-founder and chairman of Apple Inc, chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios, and a member of the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company in 2006, much of Jobs’s personality may remain an enigma to all of those he so dearly touched.
For those who dosnt know who Jobs really is, u can refer to this movie :“Pirates of Silicon Valley”  is a film based on the documents the rise of the home computer (PC) through the rivalry between Apple Computer and Microsoft. The film stars Anthony as Bill Gates and Noah as Steve Jobs.
Partially based on the book "Fire in the Valley: The Making of the Personal Computer" written by Paul Feiberger and Michael Swaine, the director Martyn Burke jump cuts through key moments in time for the two companies in telling the tale of Apple's rise, Steve Jobs' business relationship with Bill Gates, the schism between Jobs and Steve Wozniak, and Apple's fall as Gates out pirates the pirates, and leads Microsoft to dominate the computer industry.
Hopefully there is another Steve Jobs to ensure the brilliant achievement in technology...Malaysia Boleh...

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