Laptop computer security advice

Laptop computer security advice :

1. Make a note of your laptop’s serial number and store it in a safe place.

2. Use Robo Form to store your passwords securely.

3. Keep your laptop well away from magnetic sources like television sets.

4. Backup your work every day when you’re on the road.

5. Backup to floppy disk or CD and keep separate from laptop equipment.

6. Consider buying (or upgrading to) Windows XP Professional, which has built-in data encryption.

7. Use a security cable lock (fits into the laptop’s keyhole) and fix it to something sturdy and immovable anytime you’re not with your laptop.

8. If you have to sleep somewhere public like an airport lounge then secure your laptop to your seat via your security cable before you nod off.

9. Use the secure cable lock around your home and office too.

10. Pack your laptop into a sports bag or ordinary briefcase, instead of the standard laptop case.

11. Exercise extreme caution in the security section at airports, where many laptops get stolen.

12. Don’t carry your laptop through the “human” metal detector as these can damage computer data.

13. Stay in physical contact with your laptop at all times, particularly in crowded places.

14. When you’re not in your hotel room, ask to have your laptop locked in the hotel’s safe.

15. Never leave a laptop / case on view in a locked car.

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