Laptop Tips to protect your health from working well

Laptop Tips to protect your health from working well:

1. Attach an external mouse and keyboard whenever possible.

2. Keep the keyboard and mouse at the edge of the worksurface that is set 1″ below or equal to your sitting elbow height.

3. Move the laptop close enough so you do not hold your head forward to see what is on the screen.

4. Raise the laptop so the top of the screen is at your straight-ahead vision.

5. Sit back in the chair and keep your head directly over your shoulders.

6. Do not lean on the worksurface while typing; keep your elbows in line with your shoulders, hanging loosely
at your sides.

7. Never drop your wrists on the “wristrest” of the laptop.

8. Use keyboard commands whenever possible.

9. Avoid reflective lighting.

10. Keep screen clean at all times.

When traveling (with a laptop):
1. Avoid working on the hotel bed or at a high table.

2. Use a small pillow to support your lower back in the car/on the plane.

3. Carry the laptop in a backpack instead of a shoulder or handbag.

4. If you must use the laptop without external devices and monitor stand, it is best used in your lap (as it was 
designed!) .

5. Support your feet with a portable footrest.

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